Colombian Comptroller’s Office Finds over a Thousand Irregular Vaccinations

The Office of the Comptroller General of Colombia, with assistance of the Directorate of Information, Analysis and Immediate Reaction (DIARI), found that among the Colombians vaccinated against Covid-19, 1,241 do not belong to any of the prioritized groups defined in the second stage of phase one of the National Plan of Vaccination.

Among them, DIARI identified 600 people who are between 26 and 44 years of age, and 189 are within the age range of 18 to 25 years. The 1,241 individuals vaccinated irregularly are not over 60 years old, nor are they health professionals, teachers or students, nor support personnel in services in these sectors. Their names were not on the special and exceptional lists either.

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The department with the highest number of identified cases of irregularity was Valle del Cauca, with 440 in total, followed by Santander (166), Caldas (116), Atlántico (89), Bolívar (68), Tolima (48), Boyacá (47) and Nariño (42).

On cross-checking the databases, DIARI also found that 20 people who appear as presumed dead were also vaccinated.

These cases were identified in Valle del Cauca (9), Atlántico (3), Antioquia (2), Bolívar (2), Magdalena (2), Boyacá (1), and Norte de Santander (1).

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In addition, a double vaccination phenomenon was detected, meaning the same person was vaccinated two or three times in less than 10 days, that is, before the date of application of the second dose. In total, 59 people were found to have experienced this “phenomenon,” having received 123 doses in total.

On the other hand, DIARI also found that 427 persons, who were vaccinated in Leticia and Puerto Nariño (Amazonas), Puerto Inírida (Guainía) and Mitú (Vaupés), presumably reside in other departments. This generated some concern because, according to the established regulatory provisions, it is not clear why some people who should have been vaccinated in a department like Antioquia were vaccinated in Mitú, without being on any special list.


Featured image: Over a thousand people were irregularly vaccinated in Colombia. Photo EFE.

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