Construction of Hugo Chávez Stadium in Caracas Advances Despite US and European Blockade

On Friday, May 28, Venezuelan Minister for the Interior, Carmen Meléndez, did a tour of supervision to inspect the progress of the construction works at the Hugo Chávez stadium in La Rinconada, Caracas, complying with the instructions issued by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

Regarding the supervision tour, the senior official posted on her Twitter account @gestionperfecta: “At the instructions of our President @NicolasMaduro, we are inspecting the facilities of the Hugo Chávez stadium in La Rinconada, a major construction work that we will be promoting…”

In spite of the harsh US and European blockade and sanctions against Venezuela, the government headed by President Maduro has been able to advance and consolidate the Bolivarian Revolution. However, many Venezuelans suffer on a daily basis from the harsh economic situation, the deterioration of public services, and the scarcity of gasoline and diesel, all of which are a direct result of these illegal unilateral sanctions.

Meléndez highlighted in another tweet that ”we will be speeding up the construction of these sports venues…,” highlighting the progress that has been made in the project, but adding that the work will be expedited so that these spaces become an “important source of employment and a great space for sport and culture.”

“The Hugo Chávez stadium, in La Rinconada, will be a new pride for our country!” she added. ”We will be monitoring the progress of this work and, overcoming any and all difficulties, we will give it all the necessary impulse to make it a reality. We move on!”

In another tweet, she asserted that ”in the Hugo Chávez stadium, in La Rinconada, we have appreciated the progress of the works, which are being developed in conjunction with the private sector.”


Featured image: An image of the expected final view of the Hugo Chávez stadium in La Rinconada, Caracas. Photo courtesy of @gestionperfecta .

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