Controversy on Social Media After Lenín Moreno Says ‘I Wish I had a Better People’

This Wednesday, April 5, during his participation in the Defense of Democracy in the Americas forum, Lenín Moreno, outgoing president of Ecuador, criticized his fellow Ecuadorians while recounting an anecdote.

“At some point a person told me in an upfront manner as people are do: ‘I wish we had a better president.’ I said to him: ‘I wish I had better people too.'” The outgoing president of Ecuador made the comment at the forum that brings together right-wing presidents and former presidents in Miami, USA.

For his part, Freddy Carrión, ombudsman, said “it is not fair for a people as noble as the Ecuadorian to have had to endure so many misfortunes together, including you, Lenín , who have been the worst.”

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Reactions on social media networks
The controversial comment made this Wednesday, was widely shared on social media networks with responses of indignation and criticism towards the former president, Lenín Moreno, who reaches the end of his term with an approval rating in single digits.

“When a president looks down on his own people, that just shows that he is a disgusting person!” commented Raul (@malgraviahh).

The outrage of the people who entrusted him with the reins of the Ecuadorian country, when they vote for him to govern in 2017, was expressed in their tweets.

“He will go down in history as a president hated by the people,” commented @Ruthy2503.

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“So miserable Lenín,” responded Ricardo Ulcuango, former ambassador of Ecuador and assembly member to the Parliament. “Your attitudes are unworthy of our noble people. A people suffered and were bled to death because of your government.”

Moreno has stated on several occasions that he was dissatisfied with his presidency. In October 2019, during an interview with the German media DW, he stated “I don’t owe anything to anyone. I never wanted to be president of the Republic.”

In December 2020, in a dialogue with journalists, he stated that he never wanted to be a candidate. He also told the media NTN24 in February about his regret for “having accepted” the presidential candidacy.

Finally, his comments managed to place him in Ecuador’s Twitter trends with the hashtag #ElPeorPresidenteDeLaHistoria (the worst president in history).

However, this was not the only striking statement by President Moreno. During his speech regarding the elimination of the fuel subsidy in 2019, he stated “in the end we got away with it a bit.” In July 2019, Lenín Moreno introduced a scheme to increase fuel prices, at the direction of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The decision ignited large protests in Ecuador that were met with heavy police repression.


Featured image: Poster of Lenín Moreno commemorating Workers’ Day on May 1, showing him sleeping. Photo courtesy of @vdarqueaj.

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