Crooked Coup?

Known is that Washington, since the arrival of Donald Trump to the White House, has almost obsessively the purpose of destabilizing the Venezuelan government.

By Eleazar Diaz Rangel

As a coup d’etat, two political events that occurred almost simultaneously, and which were previously agreed upon, have been qualified, a situation that does not allow establishing which could have been first, if the self-proclamation of the President of the National Assembly as Interim President, or the guarantees of immediate recognition offered by the United States government.

Everything happened the same day, on January 23, a classic Venezuelan political date, but it was being promoted for quite some time, with attempts to infiltrate the Bolivarian National Armed Forces. The Minister of Defense recalled it in his speech that day, reiterating how they had failed in all these attempts. On several occasions, President Maduro and Minister Padrino López himself had denounced them.

Known is that Washington, since the arrival of Donald Trump to the White House, has almost obsessively the purpose of destabilizing the Venezuelan government and promoting its overthrow. He has not hidden it and warned with a military invasion, which has been stopped by two factors, first, the lack of support in Latin American governments some more determined than others, and second, confidential military reports of the US itself on its uncertain results . We could add a third party, and it is the reaction of the peoples of the countries of the region, which, of course, the American advisers are not able to analyze, but they may have unimaginable scope.

President Maduro, on Friday, emphatically stated that there is “an international media coup against Venezuela” that would stimulate internal actions around the “self-proclaim government.” Since Wednesday, the intention is to create a climate of violence among Venezuelans, which led Minister Padrino to describe it as “extremely dangerous”, and which has generated concern abroad from where they urge to reinforce the search for dialogue. This is not an easy task, but it is still the peaceful and democratic way to find solutions to this crisis, which is aggravated by the latest positions in Washington, and which Moscow considers to be “very serious interference.”

Whether it is a new type of coup that the US experiences or a coup in development, as has been described, what is also true is that it is a crooked coup, since they failed to overthrow the legitimate and constitutional government that will lead Maduro until 2025.

The 13 years of Evo

Thirteen years were fulfilled by Evo Morales as President of Bolivia, and 10 of the declaration of that country as a plurinational state, enough time to transform it. Today it is considered as the most stabilized economy in all of Latin America and proportionally, the one with the highest growth. Who would believe it? That an Indian ruler did the miracle. In the last report of his administration revealed, for example, that he has built 50 hospitals, 34 of them of second level; and that the school dropout rate of 8.5% was lowered to 1.5%, of course, 16,733 educational units were built. The key is that he has governed for the people and with them, and has not had the pressures from Washington.

The complicated Colombia

Difficult situation in Colombia after Duque’s government broke negotiations with the ELN. The first knot is in its relations with Cuba, the first guarantor of the negotiations and the venue for the bilateral meetings. According to the protocols signed, in circumstances such as these, the Colombian government must guarantee the return to its bases to the guerrilla representatives within 15 days. But that term was not recognized with the orders he gave the Army to resume attacks on ELN positions and requested the deportation of ELN leaders who are in Cuba. A good part of the Colombian population is distressed by the possibility of the resumption of the war, reinforced by the declaration of Iván Márquez (Farc) recognizing that it was a mistake to surrender the weapons.




  • In three billion dollars annual losses are estimated for gasoline smuggling in Mexico, which was being tolerated by the last presidents of that country. López Obrador is facing this problem with determination, as well as other sources of corruption. What a task that lies ahead.
  • Fully justified the indignation and response of President Maduro to the term given by the government of Spain, of 8 days to call elections. It seems that it will be the position of other European countries.
  • Omar Vizquel remains on the roster of aspiring to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. In the second vote, it reached 182 against 156 of the first. It rose from 37% to 42.8%. We have to recall that Luis Aparicio was elected on the sixth ballot, and that the first one started with 27.8%.
  • At last we received a 2019 Venezuelan almanac. From “Epale”, “Convivir para vivir”, is his motto.
  • My note of the high prices generated answers. Someone asks me if the time will come when with full shelves, there will be no way to buy, both the prices will have gone up, but with the same income. And another suggests that I recommend to the government to listen to Father Molina. If they do not hear it, they will read me less.
  • What a great headline of Ultimas Noticias of November 22, 1979: MILITARY / TO THE STREET / “To control the prices”. But today many people still ask for it.
  • Embarrassing what the Leones of Caracas did on Wednesday: stop playing because there were no conditions (the self proclamation), and as Guzmán explained, baseball is a party and the country is not for parties. As if that slogan had been dictated by politicians from the right.
  • Although you do not believe it, Juan Guaidó believes that one can be “president” without having a cabinet; He does not dare appoint anyone due to lack of money, of millions agreed for his government.


Source URL: Ultimas Noticias

Translated by JRE/AR