Datanálisis Reveals Results of Survey About Illegal US and European Sanctions

It was recently revealed, through a survey conducted by Datanálisis, a pollster linked to right wing opposition, that 90% of the Venezuelan population is of the opinion that illegal sanctions and coercive measures imposed by the United States have had a negative impact on their lives.

This was disclosed by the pollster Datanálisis through a graph shared on social media networks, last Thursday, April 22. The following data was provided: 51.8 % of those who participated in the survey said that the sanctions “have had a very negative impact,” 30.8% that “they have had some negative impact,” 9.4% that “they have had a small negative impact,” while 4.8 % said that “they have not had a negative impact.” 3.2% of respondents chose not to answer.

Datanálisis indicated that the survey was addressed to Chavistas, anti-Chavistas, and those who identified as neither, and was conducted in April 2021. The analysis is based on 500 responses to the question: “In your opinion, what level of negative impact have the sanctions had on the lives of Venezuelans?”

Some right-wing media and opposition leaders have repeated—and continue to repeat—that illegal US and European sanctions only affect government officials. Nevertheless, in this regard, a 2020 report by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) stated that the US sanctions have had an economic impact on the Venezuelan people.

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