Detainees, Drones and More: What is New on Carlos Lanz Disappearance

Venezuelan Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, reported this Wednesday through Twitter all the actions that the Public Ministry (MP) has been carrying out to try to clarify the strange disappearance of the professor and revolutionary leader Carlos Lanz, since last August 8, 2020.

Nine months after the disappearance of this Venezuelan professor and social fighter, the prosecutor explained that to date the MP and auxiliary bodies have carried out “multiple procedures.”

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Saab said that currently the MP has two national prosecutors and a regional prosecutor from Aragua state working on this case.

“In addition, SEBIN, DGCIM, CICPC and the PNB have ben commissioned as auxiliary investigative bodies,” he said.

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Regarding the investigations, he explained that to date, “more than 100 proceedings have been filed,” among which the following stand out:

29 interviews (family circle, neighbors, work team, friends, political allies)

Forensic expertise

Telephone analysis

Review of migratory movements

Drone searches

Analysis of security camera recordings

Analysis of financial profiles

Extraction of content from storage devices

Luminol assay

Verification in ports and airports

The head of the MP commented that during the investigation process, “criminal groups were detected and apprehended” who tried—although unsuccessfully—”to collect money in exchange for information that would allow Lanz to be located (extortion case).”

“Until today, all these proceedings have concluded that there was no violent act linked to the disappearance of Carlos Lanz: his departure from home was absolutely voluntary and there are no elements of evidence of an evasion plan,” he commented.

He added that “so far the prosecutors have not ruled out any hypothesis: since the disappearances may be forced or voluntary and the hypotheses are only conclusive when the victim reappears under any circumstance, in order to clarify the modality and motive.”

Saab added that the MP “on behalf of the Venezuelan State, guarantees efficiency, rigor and professionalism in this unfortunate case, just as we do in all the cases that are received by our institution in favor of justice and human rights.


Featured image: Venezuelan Chavista intellectual Carlos Lanz. Dissapeared since 2020. File image.

(La IguanaTV)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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