“For Christ’s Sake, Quarantine Now!”: Former Right Wing Colombian President Pastrana to Ivan Duque and His Ineffectiveness Against Covid-19

This Friday, the former Colombian right wing president and politician, Andrés Pastrana, used his Twitter account to implore Iván Duque to decree the social quarantine in the country.

Pastrana reminded Duque that the worldwide experience with the coronavirus pandemic – which to date registers almost 270,000 infected and more than 11,000 deceased – dictates that three days of isolation is not enough and that it is therefore imperative to immediately order quarantine.

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As of today, 145 cases have been detected in Colombia and although the president of that nation decreed the closure of land borders and the safeguarding of people over the age of 70, it is evident that such measures are insufficient to stem the shock wave of the virus. So much so, that during the last day, 37 new cases were confirmed.

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The authorities of the World Health Organization, based on the Chinese experience to stop the covid-19 and mathematical models developed for the pandemic, concluded that the it can only be controlled drastically restricting the movement of the population, which means adopting social quarantine measures.

Likewise, experts have indicated that the sooner these measures are applied, the rate of infections will be significantly lower, thereby preventing the collapse of hospitals and also preventing the deaths associated with the absence of timely medical attention.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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