International Observers Accompany Installation of Electoral Centers (6D Parliamentary Elections)

The Fermín Toro high school complex, located at the center of Caracas, was visited by fourteen international observers, who accompanied the process of installing electoral centers on the school premises.

Likewise, international observers witnessed the installation of voting tables at the Miguel Antonio Caro High School, in the parish of Sucre, and at the Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Educational Unit, located in the El Recreo parish, where they verified the development of this process that is carried out simultaneously at the 14,221 voting centers enabled for these elections all over Venezuela.

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During this activity, the observers asked the members of the centers questions about the operation of the turnstile (voting protocol), the handling of special cases, and thus clarify doubts that may arise during the act of voting. They were also able to verify the preparation of the members of the voting table.

On Friday, December 4, the installation of the voting centers began early in the morning in order to comply with the schedule established by the National Electoral Council. Under the Venezuelan electoral protocol, installation of the centers is a process carried out by the citizens elected as members for each voting center, witnesses from political parties, and any other citizen in private capacity, in order to verify that the electoral kit prepared by the National Electoral Council (CNE) was received properly and is properly secured to be opened only on the election day. The process consists of opening the electoral kit, checking that the supplies are complete, and installing and verifying the proper functioning of the electronic equipment, including the voting machines and the fingerprint scanners. Each voting center may have one or several voting tables depending on the number of voters for that center.


Featured image: Photos courtesy of the CNE.

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