* Maduro: ANC could call for early parliamentary elections

In a press conference with international correspondents held on Tuesday, January 9th from the Miraflores Palace, Presiden Nicolas Maduro made important announcements that we summarize here:

  • There is a coup d’etat underway promoted by the US
  • Any slip or minimum violation of the law by any elected authority (referring to the National Assembly) will be punished forcefully according to the constitution and laws but strongly in view of the coup d’etat in progress.
  • A Diplomatic Note of Protest was delivered today to all the diplomats of the Lima cartel in Caracas. They have 48 hours to rectify their actions against Venezuela or drastic diplomatic measures will be taken. “How can they determine what power is legitimate in Venezuela?”, said Maduro.
  • The ANC approved an impeccable decree yesterday. Actions against traitors to the fatherland and the possibility of calling for early parliamentary elections are among the most important elements. Although Maduro acknowledged that he would prefer good sense in the opposition leadership and wait for ordinary parliamentary elections scheduled for 2020.
  • The Venezuelan President mentioned again on the section 9 of the most recent declaration of the Group of Lima, that arbitrary transferred Venezuelan territory to Guyana. He explain the whole action of the Venezuelan Navy and mention that he awarded medals to the Navy officers participating in the incident for defending Venezuelan integrity.
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