Metro Wagon Repairs Progress Despite US Sanctions – Much Needed Improvement

Through the Great Venezuela Transportation Mission (GMTV) the execution of the Caracas Train Plan continues in order to recover the surface transportation system in the “Metro de Caracas” subway system, affected by years of economic depression, negligence and US sanctions.

Caracas Train Plan, a project proposed by President Nicolás Maduro, consists of the repair of preferential care chairs, in order to give a better service to the elderly, replacement of the system’s copper cables with aluminum ones, and the maintenance of the electrical system of trains, among other repairs. The system transports at least two million  people every day.

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To this process has been added the repair of turbines and hydraulic materials throughout the entire metro system. It should be noted that the maintenance work is now carried out by the system workers themselves and not by hiring transnational corporations, as was the case since the system began in 1982, using French technology.

Due the lack of functioning trains and mechanical problems in the few trains still operating, millions of Venezuelans suffer excessive waiting times and congestion while using the metro service, which is cheaper that using the surface bus system -the price is almost free, to be more precise.

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The information was released through the official Twitter account of the Caracas Metro, “#TrenCaracas is a project carried out with 100% Venezuelan labor, which consists of the replacement of electrical elements, power electronics, and electrical, mechanical and pneumatic parts. On the road to Technological Independence!” the account tweeted.


Featured image: Photo courtesy of Metro de Caracas.

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