Caracas Metro New Disruption – Sabotage

The Caracas Metro system reported Friday that the electrical failure that caused the closure of seven of its stations during the early rush-hours of that day, was caused by the cutting of a power cable of the Agua Salud-Propatria traction system.

The action, which was described as intentional by the company, forced the service to be suspended in the section that goes from Propatria to Capitolio.

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Also, through its account on the social network Twitter, the Caracas Metro system highlighted that according to the investigations carried out, the wiring cut could have been made with a hacksaw. On the other hand, they announced that the operational personnel are carrying out the work of splicing the power cable that was damaged, in order to normalize the underground transport service.

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Meanwhile, the company activated a contingency route between the Propatria and Palo Verde stations, with the support of Metro Bus system units, to transport users.

This is the second time in less than five days that the Caracas Metro system stops providing commercial service, after last Tuesday when an electrical failure that affected at least four states in the country caused the suspension of the service on all its lines for a few hours.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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