Orinoco Tribune Anniversary: Donations Needed (Please Share)

Orinoco Tribune (OT) is proud to be preparing the celebrations for our first anniversary.

On November 28 last year, this project started with very few resources but with a great commitment and resolve in order to provide more information in English about current events in Venezuela but also about the global south from a socialist perspective.

The response of our readers and followers has exceeded our expectations and we feel overwhelmed but also more committed to keep improving our work and do things better.

We have avoided using advertisement on OT and we do not receive public or any kind of funding apart from the one coming from donations made by you, our readers. We want to keep OT using that same strategy but for that we need more support from your side in helping us getting the donations that we need to keep working.

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We have prepared a budget for this new year and we estimate we will need US$ 7275. That will help us pay for the renewal of technical services that are fundamental to keep us running, but also some minimal equipment and a stipend for the editorial team.

With the new service providers, we have new projects such as the redesign of sections, improving speed and design, improving interviews not only in Venezuela but also from the US and online. For this we need your support helping us with donations, or referring us to potential donors or even referring volunteers that, after a minimum background check, could join our team and know the satisfaction of working for a cause.

Donations in 2019 have not even reached 30% of our goal but we are sure that in this second year there will be more support. Those that have donated to OT have been vital for us and in that sense, we can’t ever give you enough appreciation.

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We have been testing advertisement tools in recent days just in case by February next year we have not reached 25% of our donation goal for this second year of operations. But we are planning to turn that option off in the next few days.

Thanking you for being our readers is the least we can do to express our appreciation for your engagement. We hope you keep reading us and spreading the word about the work we do. That work is done with a high sense of responsibility and commitment to responsible communication that is so needed these days when MSM proves daily they are failing the global society.

We want to celebrate our anniversary with a Facebook Livestream that we are scheduling for Sunday, November 27th at 4:00pm (Caracas time). To hear directly from you your suggestions, complaints and to answer as many questions as possible.

We have created a PATREON account in order to facilitate your donations but you also have Paypal, cryptocurrency and donorbox options that are always in the right sidebar if you are using the desktop version or at the end of each post if you are on the mobile version:

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