Orinoco Tribune LinkedIn Account Frozen

Orinoco Tribune is a new service providing information about Venezuela for English speakers around the world. Our social network strategy has been focused mostly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but in recent weeks we were expanding our number of followers in LinkedIn focusing on journalists and content creators from all over the world.

Yesterday night our staff received a notification, while trying to login into our account, letting us know that the account was restricted.

Screenshot at 23-29-48.jpg


Initially we though that it was a mistake but after several tries we realized that was not the case.  We sent the ID required by LinkedIn to initiate an arbitration process.

Screenshot at 23-36-53.jpg

We know from experience that social media networks might be very aggressive in terms of press freedom liberties for outlets providing anti-establishment information, so we did not have too many expectations.

Early today, LinkedIn contacted us and let us know that our account was open as a personal account and that we should open a LinkedIn Page. So we lost almost 500 followers that we were selectively curating for the last weeks and that were actively interacting with us in recent weeks. To them our appreciation, and for them we post this notice to encourage them to follow us in our new LinkedIn Page to continue receiving the quality information we strive to provide about Venezuela but also about global issues connected directly or indirectly with Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution.

Like most progressive outlets out there, we do not have too many expectations about receiving balanced treatment from social media corporations but we will try to keep doing our work in order to break the media blockade about Venezuela.