Social Networks Mock Bolsonaro for Blaming DiCaprio for the Fires in the Amazon

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro accused the American actor Leonardo DiCaprio of financing various NGOs to cause fires in the Amazon. The unusual situation became meat for memes in social networks.

“Leonardo DiCaprio is a legal guy, isn’t he? Paying money to set the Amazon on fire,” Bolsonaro told a group of supporters.

In addition to many criticisms, the statement yielded a wave of memes and put the name of the actor among the most trending on Brazilian Twitter. Most users used scenes from DiCaprio’s movies as “evidence” that the artist is involved in the fires in the rainforest.

Images of the actor with a powerful flamethrower, taken from the most recent film starring DiCaprio, became the perfect material for jokes.

“Leonardo DiCaprio right now in the Amazon”

“DiCaprio sets on fire the Amazon”

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“Photo of DiCaprio burning the Amazon, by Bolsonaro”

It turns out that throughout his artistic career, DiCaprio starred in many scenes with fire. Internet users seem to have found each one of them just to make fun of Bolsonaro and illustrate the “exact moment” when the actor set fire to the Brazilian jungle.

“The moment Bolsonaro caught Leonardo DiCaprio setting the Amazon on fire”

“See the exact moment when DiCaprio creates the first focus of fire in the Amazon”

“Here is the photo of the exact moment when Leonardo DiCaprio lights a match to burn the Amazon! I will never see his films again.”

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“Unpublished photos show Leonardo DiCaprio setting the Amazon on fire”.

“Let me go and set the whole forest on fire.”

Bolsonaro’s statement even inspired conspiracy theories.

“Sometimes we talk without knowing. Bolsonaro said Leonardo DiCaprio helped ‘set fire to the Amazon. Does it sound ABSURD? Yes. But with a quick Google search, we see that there is a lighter with DiCaprio’s face and it is sold Where? Exactly, on AMAZON. Coincidence?” Tweeted @ Mario_Junior_29

“Guys, did you know that it was Leonardo DiCaprio who sank the Titanic? I have no proof, just my conviction,” wrote @FeCastanhari.

Shortly after the statement of the Brazilian president, DiCaprio spoke on the matter through social networks. The American actor expressed his support for the groups that protect Brazil’s environment and denied the accusation that he would have paid any NGOs to cause fires in the Amazon.

Source URL: Mundo Sputnik

Translated by JRE/EF



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