The Latin American Feminist Brigade celebrates three years fighting machismo from art

A series of cultural, recreational and healing activities has served as an excuse for celebrating the third anniversary of the birth in our country of the Latin American Feminist Brigade, an artistic and discussion group that, as the name implies, is dedicated to approaching from art women and gender issues.

The birthday party, which began in early November, continued this Saturday, November 24, in the San Agustín parish of Caracas with painting of murals in the Afinque de Marín, a space in which they dedicated themselves to restoring the piece made by the Brigade Last 2017, together with children and teenagers from the area.

The mural, which won the Children’s Architecture Award, serves as an estimulant for the neightbors of the area, as it adorns and humanizes, with support phrases and images, the more than one hundred steps that the inhabitants of the area must climb to reach their houses. This was reported to AVN by activist Caoba, one of the members of the Brigade.

The anniversary program will continue on Tuesday the 27th at 5:00 in the afternoon at the Teatro Principal, where the theatrical piece La Santa Panocha will be presented, after a cultural upheaval that will depart from the venue and tour the historic center with performances and slogans.

This is a staging of collective creation that was dramatized by the group after one of its members lived the performance that took place during the celebration of Holy Week in Costa Rica, where a group of activists for the rights of Women presented themselves in the middle of a religious procession with a giant vagina, shouting slogans against macho violence.

The piece culminates with a ritual that involves both the cast and the audience, in which a space of joint liberation is offered.

For its part, on Thursday 29 and Friday 30, will arrive at the Teatro Caribe River, in San Bernardino, the work auction of vaginas, a piece premiered by the group last 2017, and which was presented at the recent edition of the Caracas Theater Festival .

The assembly takes place in the Vagina’s Bar, a place where situations of gender violence come to life that usually occur in nightclubs where the workers are abused, so the piece serves as a space for reporting these daily acts and many times naturalized

The Collective
The Latin American Feminist Brigade was born in Venezuela three years ago. It emerged from a circle of women held in the San Juan parish with members of other brigades in Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Chile, countries where a female artistic movement was also being generated.

Equity and gender equality are its flags. The vindication of women in different spaces, the empowerment of women as well as the visibility and denunciation of gender violence, some of their goals.

Today the Brigade is national and has more than 50 members throughout the country. Currently the group is working on agricultural production plans and natural and ancestral medicine that they hope to expand and commercialized next year.

To this end they have joined the socialist production company Territorio K-ribe, located in Guatire, Miranda state, where they will start planting medicinal plants for the care of women, said Caoba.

On December 1, the Brigade will take the space and will hold a “Women’s Temazcal” there. It is a steam bath used in traditional medicine that provides medicinal benefits for the skin and the whole body as it allows the body to be freed of toxins through sweating by herbal infusions.

Those interested in participating should be aware of the social networks of the Brigade, on Facebook: Latin American Feminist Brigade [Brigada Feminista Latinoamericana], where relevant information will be published. The activity will have a duration of one full day so participants must wear comfortable clothes and tents to camp. Participation is free.

So far the theatrical presentations have visited the room of the Experimental University of the Arts (Unearte), natural gynecology workshops have been held in the communities of San Juan and San Agustín, and a temazcal was held in Territorio K-ribe.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by: JRE

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