Venezuela’s CNE Issues 2nd Report: PSUV Sweeps Vast Majority of Mayoralties

This Monday, November 22, the president of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE), Pedro Calzadilla, issued results from the municipal elections that were held, alongside regional elections, across the country on November 21.

“For the positions of mayors, we have 322 of the 335 positions in dispute, 322 of these can be judged. Of these, 205 are for the PSUV, 59 to MUD, 37 to the Democratic Alliance, and 21 to other parties and alliances,” Calzadilla said.

On the regional level, the leadership of 18 state governments were won by President Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), while candidates from the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) were elected in two states. Other parties and alliances won one state governorship. The results from the states of Apure and Barinas are still too close to call and are awaiting final confirmation. At the time that the second report was issued by the CNE, the process of tabulating was not yet complete.

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Results in mayoralties
The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) also presented irreversible results for the elected mayoralties in the capitals of each state, among which he included the Bolivarian municipality of Libertador in Caracas, where the victory of Carmen Meléndez was confirmed. Meléndez obtained 58.94% of the votes counted.

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In addition, in Bolívar municipality (Anzoategui state), Sugey Herrera led with 51.1% of the vote. In Aragua, Girardot municipality, Rafael Morales won with 54.9%. Also, in Barinas, Barinas municipality, Rafael Paredes won with 43%, while in the Angostura municipality of Bolívar state Sergio Hernández won with 42.72%.

Later, Calzadilla mentioned the victory confirmed in Carabobo’s Valencia municipality for Julio Fuenmayor with 59.7% of votes received. In Cojedes, Zamora municipality, Luis Mireles (MUD) won with 49%; for the Miranda municipality in Falcón, the winner was Henry Hernández with 43.7%; in Roscio municipality, Guárico, Zulme Ávila (AD) won with 42.1%; and in the Iribarren municipality Lara Luis Jonás Reyes (PSUV) won with 49.5%.

Similarly, other triumphs were confirmed by Jesús Araque in the Libertador municipality of Mérida state (42.9%); by Farid Fraija in the Guiaicaipuro municipality of Miranda (46.1%), by Ana Fuenter in the Maturín municipality in Monagas (47.1%), by Alí Romero in the Arismendi municipality of Nueva Esparta (43%), by Oscar Novoa in the Guanare municipality of Portuguesa (46.5%), and by Luis Sifontes in the Sucre municipality of the Sucre state (43.5%).

The report continued with the San Cristóbal municipality of the Tachira state, where Silfredo Zambrano won (40.7%); Carlos Terán won in the Trujillo municipality of Trujillo state (43.9%), Roger Daza won the San Felipe municipality of Yaracuy (46.8%), MUD’s Rafael Ramírez Colina won the Maracaibo municipality of Zulia (51.6%), Yamileth Mirabal won in the Atures Municipality of Amazonas (41.2%); Loa Tamaronis won the Tucupita municipality of Delta Amacuro (53.4%), and José Suárez won in the Vargas municipality of La Guaira state (51.6%)


Featured image: Pedro Calzadilla, CNE President, reading the second report of the 21N regional elections. Photo by CNE.

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