Why Macron Concessions do not Appease the Demands of Yellow Vests?

The measures taken by the president of France are insufficient for the people, which reject government economic policies.

The economic measures announced by the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, in response to the mobilizations of the yellow vests, have not managed to clear the big question: Will they be enough to appease the public anger?

These governmental decisions include aspects such as an increase in the minimum wage by one hundred euros a month, exemption from taxes and social contributions to overtime, a free end-of-year bonus also from taxes, and a tax to finance social protection for retirees with pensions below 2,000 euros per month.

The Government of France confirmed on Tuesday that the announcements will cost the public coffers up to 10,000 million euros. Although the measures proposed by Macron did not achieve their main objective, they will mean a rise in the deficit of 3.6 percent of GDP, above the 3 percent limit demanded by the European Union (EU).

Macron Failures

Macron’s decisions in the economic sphere have not been able to stop the wave of protests that ravaged the French territory, as the protesters believe that the president’s response came too late and doubt that he can complete his plans to reform pensions, public administration and the health system.

Backed mainly by people living in the periphery, provinces or rural areas, the yellow vests became a broader movement against the government’s tax policy that, according to many, favors the richest, so these decisions are considered insufficient.

Faced with this situation, and with a low popularity, the Government of Macron is seriously weakened.

Strengths of the yellow vests

One of the virtues of this movement is that it lacks leaders that can be identified, and is mobilized through social networks. In it, they range from anarchists to leftists and the most radical right.

In turn, with the backing of social networks, the yellow vests managed to take more than 500,000 people onto the streets of the country. The group enjoys broad public support, as recent polls showed that around 70 percent of respondents considered protests to be justified.

The concessions made by Macron make various experts consider yellow vests as one of the most successful movements in history, as they led to a reorientation of the country’s economic and social policies.

At least ten people have died since the beginning of the demonstrations, which were initially motivated by the increase in the gas tax and, subsequently, expanded towards the economic policies of Macron that affect the most vulnerable population.

Source URL: Telesur

Translated by JRE

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