10 Elements to Understand Mexico-Uruguay’s Negotiation Initiative (Twitter)

Today, a key step was taken for the formation of a front of countries opposed to the Lima Group.

Ten brief points to try to understand what is happening now around Venezuela, with the initiative of Mexico, Uruguay and the double game of the European Union.

1) The governments of Uruguay and Mexico stepped forward and announced an “international conference” to discuss the situation in Venezuela on Thursday, February 7 in Montevideo.

2) The pressure for dialogue is promoted by the Secretary General of the UN, by China, Russia, most of the Caribbean countries and some European governments.

3) The Uruguayan Foreign Ministry statement claims the “neutral position” and says: “The Government of Uruguay is ready to work with those members of the international community that, like Mexico and the UN, wants to bet on diplomacy.”

4) The objective is” to lay the foundations to establish a new mechanism of dialogue with the inclusion of all Venezuelan forces.”

5) The meeting was agreed on Monday, after a conversation between Tabaré Vázquez, and the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini. In Italy there is the Uruguayan Vice Chancellor, Ariel Bergamino.

6) Until now, within the EU the countries that claim to recognize Juan Guaidó as “president in charge” of Venezuela do not gather the necessary majority of the votes.

7) Today’s march #30ene (Jan 30th) organized by the Venezuelan opposition was a fiasco, as seen in the videos and photos of the same opposition. Chavismo massively mobilizes one day in each state, so it is not seen that the “popular pressure” ends the Maduro government.

8) This means that only the economic asphyxia pushed from the United States, combined with a military coup or direct foreign intervention, seems the only viable way for the Venezuelan opposition to reach power. That is to say, war.

9) With this scenario it is not difficult to understand why a front of countries is consolidated that fosters dialogue, rejects the self-proclamation of Guaidó, adheres to international law and does not lend itself to recognizing false diplomatic representatives.

10) More and more governments interpret that the options are not Maduro or Guaidó, but dialogue or war, international law or irrational alignment with the United States. The Argentine government chose the latter.

Source URL: @IgnacioDM

Translated by JRE/AR

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