Audit of Vote-Counting Software for November 21 Elections Wraps Up

On Monday, October 25, participants in the sixth week of the auditing process concluded the assessment of the voting software, in Caracas’ National Museum of Architecture. This evaluation marks a key component of the rigorous verification of the Automated Voting System to be used in all voting machines for the upcoming regional and municipal elections on November 21.

During the previous five weeks, the auditors, representing diverse political organizations, verified the reliability of the programs and computer software which will be used to obtain and tabulate the electoral results. This was achieved through the administration of a series of tests which were adapted to the characteristics and parameters of the election.

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The analysis included the different applications and computer programs which will be used to count the votes and determine the winners of each election.

On the last day of the audit, all of the computer applications and functions of the vote counting system were compiled. This data was then safeguarded via hashes [alphanumeric security codes], which were then confirmed and saved by the present political auditors.

The security chain
The digital security seals generated must be verified through the zeroing [reset to zero audit] of the vote-counting system, which will take place on November 19.

The audit process was validated with the signatures of the participating political organizations, which included the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), Fatherland for All (PPT), the Movement for Socialism (MAS), the Popular Political Union 89, (UPP89), A New Era (UNT), Venezuelan Popular Unity (UPV), Compromiso País (COMPA), and Union for Progress (Unión Progreso).

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Through the digital platform, specialists from political organizations such as Hope for Change (Esperanza Por El Cambio) and Movement of National Integrity-Unity (MIN-Unidad) also participated.

The live stream of the event was also attended by experts and members of organizations with experience observing national and foreign elections.

The process of evaluating the Automated Voting System will continue on Tuesday, October 26, with the beginning of the auditing of the voting machines. CNETV, the internet channel of the Electoral Power, will stream these activities starting at 9 a.m. The live stream will be broadcast at

Featured image: Auditing of vote-counting software for November 21 elections was concluded. Photo: Últimas Noticias.

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