BREAKING NEWS: Guaido Proclaimed Himself as President of Venezuela. Trump Immediately Recognized Him

At the end of the demonstration by the opposition called for today in the East of Caracas (Chacao), the President of the National Assembly in content, Juan Guaido, proclaim himself as new President of Venezuela around 2pm local time.

In an oath that resembles a lot like the one by the short lasting president Carmona during the 2002 Coup D’Etat against Hugo Chávez, the leader of Voluntad Popular did something that was more than expected. It was immediately posted in twitter:

“The Venezuelan Government has been respectful of the rule of law and had allow the legal institutions to deal with the possible break of law of the National Assembly but this is a fragrant crime and as such should be immediately address by the law enforcement officers,” said a Chavista demonstrators interviewed by OT.

Less than 5 minutes after the illegal action the White House releases an statement recognizing Guaido as Interin President of Venezuela.

To be updated…

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