Capital District and Miranda State Back to Radical Quarantine After Increase in Covid-19 Cases

Venezuela’s Miranda state and the Capital District will return to level I of radical quarantine as of this Wednesday, due to the accelerated increase in positive Covid-19 cases, Venezuelan vice president Delcy Rodríguez reported. Through her twitter account, the Executive Vice President reported that the decision was made by President Nicolás Maduro, following the request made this Monday by the Presidential Commission for the Prevention of Covid-19 .

‘President Nicolás Maduro has informed the Presidential Commission of Covid-19 of his decision to move the Capital District and Miranda state back to Level I of radical quarantine starting tomorrow, July 15, due to the increase of cases and for the sake of protecting the health of the people”, wrote Delcy Rodríguez.

These actions, the Executive Vice President indicated, will seek to cut the chains of contagion that are registered in both localities. Level I flexibility (radical quarantine) only allows food, medicine and special services to be opened.

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“The coordinated action of the civic-military-police union and the great conscience of the people, will allow with this measure that President Nicolás Maduro has taken, the control of the Covid-19 in the Capital District and Miranda, to cut the contagion chains derived from the outbreak that these places experience,” said Rodríguez in another message on the social network.

This Monday, the Presidential Commission for the Prevention of Covid-19 sent a request to the Venezuelan head of state to include both states of the national territory in Level I of Radical Quarantine, due to the accelerated increase in cases.

During the report, the vice president reported that 824 cases remain active in the Capital District, while 556 remain active in Miranda.

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Starting this Monday, the new flexibilization (or reopening) week came into effect under the 7 by 7 scheme implemented in Venezuela, which will be governed by levels, in order to control and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

This Monday Venezuela counted 242 new positive cases for Covid-19, of which 193 are by community transmission. Of the 193 infected, 69 belong to the Capital District and 32 to Miranda.

Featured image: As of this Wednesday, Caracas and Miranda return to radical quarantine. Photo: Agencies

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