Catalan Pro-Independence Protesters and Police Clash in Barcelona (Videos)

New clashes erupted between Catalan pro-independence demonstrators and riot police in the centre of Barcelona late on Tuesday over the jailing of nine separatists by the Supreme Court over a 2017 independence bid.

The protest turned violent after protesters set garbage containers and cardboard on fire in the middle of central Barcelona streets, including next to high-end commercial streets home to many of the city’s designer stores, according to a Reuters witness.

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A spokesman for the regional Mossos police said three people had been detained near the local headquarters of the Spanish government, where police charged into the crowd with batons to try to gain space after there were problems with police fences.

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Thirteen people have suffered  injuries after clashes broke out between police and protesters in Spain’s Catalonia region earlier on Monday, following the Spanish Supreme Court’s sentencing of pro-independence leaders.


On Monday protestors took Barcelona’s airport in a massive protest that was heavily repressed by the police.

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