Chavista Chronicles from Caracas with Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza (Episode 17 – End of Year Quick Balance)

In this episode of Chavista Chronicles from Caracas (recorded on Monday Dec 30th at 5:05 pm), we wanted to provide a quick balance on how 2019 was for us, Chavistas in Venezuela and our expectations for 2020.

We evaluated how we saw 2019 divided in two different moments, first semester marked by a radicalized aggression against Venezuela and the regime change operation promoted by the US government and a second half of the year marked by the fragmentation of opposition forces in Venezuela, the disappearance of Guaido’s artificial “leadership” and the negotiation alternatives been implemented to try to find a peaceful solution to political tension in our country.

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In this analysis we forgot to mention the strong impact of US unconventional war in the form of electrical blackout affecting millions of Venezuelans during the first semester.

Then we reflected on the economic situation affecting ordinary Venezuelans within the framework of this US aggression and we presented our expectations for 2020 in the political and economic scenarios.

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We ended up thanking all our followers and fans for their donations and support during this first year of existence of Orinoco Tribune and we encouraged them to keep supporting our work in 2020.

We wish all of our readers around the globe our best wishes for 2020, remarking that Chavismo will remain strong and is prepared to counter any form of aggression that we are sure will escalate in 2020.



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