China’s Report on US Human Rights Violations: US Sanctions Facilitated the Spread of Coronavirus Throughout the World

During the pandemic, when “the key moment” for the destiny, health and well-being of humanity arrived, the US government, contrary to what common sense and responsibility might indicate, reinforced the pressure of its restrictions against Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Syria.

The unilateral US sanctions, imposed against several countries, weakened the international fight against the pandemic, and contributed to the spread of the infection worldwide, according to the annual Chinese report on the violation of human rights in the United States for 2020, published this Wednesday, March 24, by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, cited by the Chinese state news agency Xinhua.

According to the report, “the unilateral US sanctions contributed to the aggravation of the humanitarian crisis” derived from the spread of the coronavirus. The imposition of new restrictions against Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Syria made it difficult for these countries to access the supply of medical equipment necessary to combat the pandemic precisely when “the key moment” for the destiny, health and well-being of humanity arrived.

The report urges US authorities to end the policy of sanctions, which undermines international cooperation in the field of healthcare, makes it difficult for several countries to access the drug market amid the spread of the coronavirus, and exacerbates the humanitarian situation in nations experiencing internal conflict.


Featured image: Medical staff in Beijing, China, on November 5, 2020. Thomas Peter/Reuters 

(RT News)

Translation: Orinoco Tribune


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