CNE Activates Text Messaging Tool to Confirm Electoral Registration – 21N Regional Elections

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) activated a text messaging tool, using the number 2637, so that voters can verify if their information in the electoral registry is correct. This was announced by Roberto Picón, rector of the electoral authority, this Saturday, July 10. He explained that citizens will be able to verify their status by entering their identity card number, by means of a text message.

He added that people who need to change voting centers will be able to search for the closest place to their residence, until July 15, through the page

“The Electoral Registry will be cut off on July 15 and will be published on the CNE website on July 25. Only then will the movements of the special registration and update operation be reflected. Currently the CNE portal reflects the changes made until May 31,” he indicated in another message from his account on the social media network Twitter.

According to the election schedule for the mega-elections of November 21, on Friday June 9, the fourth week of activities of the Comprehensive Audit of the Automated Voting System (SAV) culminated, with the complete review of different modules related to the tabulation procedures of electoral results.

The spokespersons reported that the auditors have requested to review all the changes in the programs and applications that will be used in the elections for November 21, regardless of whether they were made after the completion of this comprehensive audit of the SAV, the CNE wrote on its Twitter account @cneesvzla.

Visit of the Technical Exploratory Mission of the European Union
Likewise, the Electoral Power indicated that the European Union’s exploratory mission visited the Aragua State Regional Electoral Office on Saturday, where they were received by its director, Neira López, to learn about the electoral activities taking place there.

Later, they held a meeting with the governor of the federal entity, Rodolfo Marco Torres, the governor reported on his Twitter account @RMarcoTorres.

The EU Exploratory Mission, which arrived in Venezuela last Thursday, July 8, held a meeting with the electoral authorities in which they discussed the electoral agenda in place for the 2021 regional and municipal elections in November. The schedule included meetings with Public Powers of the Venezuelan State and with the country’s political actors.


Featured image: Photo courtesy of CNE.

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