CNE’s Roberto Picón Issues Statement on Electoral Ruling in Barinas

One of the five rectors of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE), Roberto Picón, issued a statement regarding the ruling that ordered new elections to be held in the state of Barinas. According to Picón, the electoral authority was not made aware of the disqualification of the opposition candidate Freddy Superlano at the time of his registration.

Through a statement published on his Twitter account, Picón wrote that the CNE was unaware of Freddy Superlano’s ineligibility condition, pursuant to a resolution of the comptroller general dated August 17, 2021.

“I put on record that the disqualification of citizen Freddy Superlano was unknown to the CNE at the time of his application,” Picón wrote. “It is worth remembering that, had it been notified, it would have been impossible to process the request.”

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Recently, the Electoral Chamber of Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) ordered a halt to the vote count in the state of Barinas, after admitting an appeal from opposition politician Adolfo Superlano (no blood relation with Freddy Superlano), in which he denounced irregularities in the candidacy of MUD candidate Freddy Superlano.

Likewise, Picón pointed out that although the decision of the Supreme Court does not disturb the validity of the electoral process, it does affect the powers of the electoral institution “because it overlaps with circumstances beyond the act of November 21.”

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In his opinion, the omission of the disqualification was a “serious fault” both for the power of the CNE and for the will of the people.

“With this, not only the power of the National Electoral Council is seriously lacking, but also the will of the people of Barinas, causing, in turn, a flagrant state of defenselessness of the registered citizens as well as of the MUD candidate for governor.”

In another statement, the rector demanded diligent, timely, and transparent action from the Office of the Comptroller General of Venezuela in relation to its duty to notify the CNE and the general public of any decision that may affect the rights of voters and candidates.

Regarding the new election to be held in Barinas on January 9, the CNE explained that the electoral schedule has already been approved and was published this Wednesday. The nominations of candidates will take place between December 2 and 6.


Featured image: CNE rector Roberto Picón. File photo.

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