Commercial Flights Between US and Venezuela to Resume? (Illegal Sanctions)

There have been many speculations on the possible renewal of certain bilateral relations between the United States and Venezuela; and now there have been some new statements. There is a probability of the reactivation of commercial flight routes for Venezuelan airlines to the United States, and the lifting of sanctions that prohibit US airlines from engaging in direct flights to Venezuela.

In March 2019, American Airlines had indefinitely suspended its flights to Venezuela due to prohibitions imposed by the US government and its unilateral coercive measures.

Donald Trump’s administration also illegally sanctioned all other international airlines from offering air routes to the United States from any Venezuelan city.

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According to the website Hispano Post, conversations have been underway among Biden government officials, Venezuelan advisers living in Venezuela and “certain officials from the Nicolás Maduro administration.”

It may be recalled here that, according to a Bloomberg report published in May, Joe Biden’s administration is supposedly reviewing discretely the US policy regarding unilateral measures against Venezuela.

At that time, a US official stated that the sanctions were being analyzed to make sure they were in line with their objectives, while, at the same time, hoping to see concrete steps taken by the Maduro government during the negotiations.

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A forthcoming reactivation
In February this year, the US airline company Global Crossing Airlines Group Inc (Global X) had released a statement indicating that restrictions on commercial flights between Venezuela and the United States could be lifted soon. This comment was made in a news release on February 17, where the company announced that it had signed a cooperation agreement with the Caracas-based Estelar Airlines to establish daily and weekly flights between Venezuela and the United States.

The statement that the company published in this regard declared that “currently, direct air service between the US and Venezuela is prohibited under US government and Dept. of Transportation orders. GlobalX anticipates that these restrictions will be removed over the next few months.”


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