Defend the People of Bolivia and Latin America

By Mass Action

Evo Morales is the rightful democratically elected president of Bolivia. He has been the victim of a right-wing, U.S.-backed campaign of violence and lies.

The people of the world reject the coup and the coup plotters. We will continue to defend Bolivia from those in Washington and beyond who wish to enforce their exploitative will on the toilers and indigenous of Bolivia and Latin America.

October 20 Vote

A detailed analysis by the Center for Economic and Policy Research of the October vote in Bolivia found absolutely no hint of fraud. Morales’ ten percent victory was also predicted and consistent with all information available.

The report on the Bolivian election from the Organization of American States which claims fraud and demanded new elections is a complete sham. The OAS is a U.S. puppet organization that just recently backed the U.S. coup attempt in Venezuela. The OAS will from now on be known as the OAC, the Organization of American Coups – all in subservience to the United States and the continent’s wealthy elites.

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Claims of electoral fraud are actually not about the elections at all. They are about the violent overthrow of a democratically elected, indigenous led government that has governed in the interest of the people. The CIA has had Morales in its crosshairs for his entire presidency.

Why? Because the Morales government has elevated the standard of living for the poorest, shown solidarity with the people of the world and widened the umbrella of democratic rights for over 13 years.

The United States opposes self-determination for Latin America. The United States has a lengthy record of drowning in blood any movement in Latin America that fights for or achieves justice for the workers and poor of the region.

Also: despite spurious claims otherwise, Morales run for the presidency was completely legal according to the Bolivian supreme court.

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The Battle for Latin America and Your Role

The Trump regime, as unpredictable and blundering as it is, has been pretty darn consistent in its aggression against Latin America. Calling it a war for democracy and a war against Socialism, his administration has threatened Cuba and backed blatantly undemocratic and violent coup attempts in Nicaragua, Venezuela and now Bolivia. If their victory in Bolivia holds, it will embolden U.S. imperialism.

But let’s be clear. The battle for Bolivia and Latin America is ongoing and you have a role to play.

Recent electoral results from Bolivia to Argentina to Uruguay have witnessed an encouraging resurgence of “the left” in Latin America. Uprisings against austerity in Ecuador, Haiti and Chile have shown that the people are ready to take matters into their own hands. In Brazil, the reactionary courts backed down to the people’s movement. Lula is free.

It is clear that a renewed conflict over the future of Latin America is escalating. The stakes are rising and we must do everything we can from within the United States to resist imperialism and shut down the era of capitalist austerity. We must rush to the aid of the Bolivian working class and indigenous people.

We must come out into the streets in the largest numbers we can to denounce the coup in Bolivia.

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