* Delcy Rodríguez: Legitimate rights of Venezuela over Guayana Esequiba are inalienable

By means of a message posted on her Twitter account, the Venezuelan Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, affirmed that opponents of the Venezuelan right agreed with the self-proclaimed “Grupo de Lima” to concede this territory, and she highlighted that the legitimate rights of Venezuela over the northern Guayana Esequiba are inalienable.

“Right wing Venezuelans agreed with Cartel de Lima the concede our territory! The legitimate rights of Venezuela over Guayana Esequiba are inalienable! The Pdte. Nicolás Maduro has called the national union to defend the Essequibo and our sacred territory! “Wrote the South American politician.

These statements by the vice president of Venezuela are made in reference to a communiqué issued by the Lima Group, which in point 9 of its declaration call for the usurpation of the territory.

The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) My Map of Venezuela, for its part, included the territory of the Essequibo as part of Venezuela, and declared and reiterated that “every Venezuelan who applauds Point 9 of the Declaration of the Group of Lima is supporting the usurpation not only of the waters of the Essequibo but of the projection of the Orinoco Delta”.

The opinion of this NGO was supported by the Minister of the Popular Power of Culture of Venezuela, Ernesto Villegas, who had previously stated that “you can not cry out for foreign intervention and at the same time mourn for territorial integrity.”

The last meeting of the Lima Group + US, has provoked many tensions and at the same time criticisms from the Venezuelan authorities.

In this meeting, the members of this body declared that they did not recognize the Venezuelan President’s government, Nicolás Maduro, and expressed their support for the country’s opposition, while they approved the adoption of several coercive interventionist measures aimed at destabilizing the Bolivarian country, including disregarding the legitimate rights of Venezuela over the territory of the Essequibo.

Venezuela claims since the nineteenth century the sovereignty of the Essequibo, an area very rich in minerals in South America. It also has important oil deposits in its maritime area.

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Translated by JRE