Embassy Protectors Arrested in Violation of US and Internat’l Law

Earlier today the US Secret Service consumated one of the most aberrant and unlawful actions in US imperialist history. The long requested eviction (by Guaido’s “ambassador” Carlos Vecchio) of the remaining four peace activists that were guests of the only Venezuelan government recognized by the United Nations.

Alina Duarte, Telesur reporter/producer who was assaulted by Guaido supporters, received death threats, stalked to her home, was still there reporting this morning. She reports the charge against the Embassy Protectors is “interfering with protective measures”. Orwell rolls in his grave.

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The Deputy Foreign Minister of Venezuela objected to this violation of diplomatic norms and the Vienna Convention in a public statement.

The Collective’s attorney, Mara Heydon Hillard spoke to reporters at the scene.

Earlier in the week, movements in Venezuela expressed their solidarity with the Collective protecting the Bolivarian embassy.

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Yesterday, Ambassador Samuel Moncada and Collective leader Tighe Barry gave this press conference on the status of the Embassy.

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Medea Benjamin of internationally recognized Code Pink sums up the charges against the peace activists, quoting the Collective’s attorney.

Code Pink calls for an action in solidarity with the Collective.

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