Henri Falcon Sent a Message From Russia to Donald Trump

Anti-Chavista leader Henri Falcón, former presidential candidate and former governor of Lara state is in Russia on Monday and from there he sent a message to the US president Donald Trump.

“From Russia, our call to President Donald Trump: Dare to hear the truth of a sector that does not commune with violence and shortcuts; that does not promote illusions and fantasies that ultimately become great frustrations, while the crisis worsens, ”he said.

“We had an important meeting with senior officials of the government of Russia. Following your invitation, we were received by Vice Chancellor Mr Serguey Ryabkov and the Director of the Russian Department for Latin America, Alexander Schetinin,” he posted minutes earlier on his twitter account.

At the meeting, Falcón told the Russian government of the need for a democratic change “through an international vision that promotes multirateralism and non-interference in internal conflicts.”

He recalled that the Venezuelan opposition is not the only one grouped in the Unity Table (currently G4).

Source URL: Aporrea with OT content

Translated by JRE/EF

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