Learn About CNE Audits to Guarantee Election Transparency in Venezuela – Parliamentary Elections (6D)

By conducting a total of 16 audits, the Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) seeks to guarantee the transparency and reliability of the next parliamentary elections, which will be held on December 6. This audits have been practiced for more than ten years and are part of the set of measures to bullet proof the Venezuelan electoral system against fraud or any kind of irregularities.

According to the electoral body’s schedule, the Audit of the Automated System for the Selection of Subaltern Bodies, and the Audit of the Electoral Registry have been carried out already.

Data audits are in full swing, from September 26 to 30, an exhaustive review of each component of the automated voting system through tests that demonstrate its correct operation.

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Below is the list of the 16 audits:

  1. Audit of the Automated System for the Selection of Members of Subaltern electoral bodies (done)
  2. Audit of the Electoral Registry (done)
  3. Audit of Voter Data (ADES) Phase I (being done at this moment)
  4. Voting Machine Software Audit
  5. Audit of the Totalization Software
  6. Voting Machine File Audit
  7. Electoral Technological Infrastructure Audit
  8. Voting Machine Production Audit
  9. Audit of Voting Books
  10. Pre-dispatch Audit of Voting Machines
  11. Zeroing Audit of the National Totalization Centers
  12. (Phase I) Telecommunications Audit
  13. (Phase I) Citizen Verification
  14. (Phase II) Telecommunications Audit
  15. (Phase II) Citizen Verification
  16. Audit of Voter Data (ADES) Phase II

The execution of the 16 audits began on August 14 and ends on January 21, 2021.


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