Minister of Water: Water Pumping is Being Restored Throughout the Country (+ Video)

The Minister of the People’s Power for Water Care, Evelyn Vásquez, reported this Friday at noon that, since Thursday night, the water pumping system in Venezuela has been restored, due to the restoration of the electric service after the attack against the Guri facilities last Monday. “We have at this moment an 84% advance othe restoration of the systems of catchment, distribution and potabilization of all the water service in the national territory”.

Vásquez indicated, in a telephone contact with VTV, (a restoration) which will continue to advance in the coming hours to reach all households, “first in the low sectors, then the middle and upper sectors.”

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“In the Capital Region, since last night the big production systems have been started: Tuy I, Tuy II and Tuy III, and we have water entering the city of Caracas, we are receiving service in the lower parts of Petare, La Urbina, El Llanito and in the next hours we will advance to the center of the city”. There are reflections of service in the low areas of Guarenas and Guatire, and it is expected that, when starting the Taguaza system, it will reach the medium height sectors.


“In the morning today we began to start service to the high Mirandinos,” she said.

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The minister indicated that “in the areas of Puerto La Cruz, Lechería, Guanta and Barcelona” service is already being offered, as in the southern state of Carabobo. In the afternoon today there is expected to be service to Maracay. There are also service reports in points of Falcón, the south of Maracaibo and San Francisco in Zulia.

Vásquez said that they worked on the maintenance of the pumping systems, verifying the electromechanical components to ensure that, at the time when there was an electrical charge to start the systems, everything was ready to restore water potable service.


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Translated by JRE/EF


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