New Sabotage on Gas Plant in Venezuela – Alleged Links with “Primero Justicia”

The governor of Miranda state, Héctor Rodríguez, blamed the opposition Justice First (Primero Justicia) party on Sunday for the explosion that took place this Saturday at the Apacuna domestic gas filling plant, located in Ocumare del Tuy.

“Investigations lead to sabotage generating the explosion. This coincides with the actions initiated by Primero Justicia to attack state public services,” he wrote on Twitter.

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He claimed that sabotage is part of the opposition’s way of doing politics. “The ambition of power in the opposition hurts the entire Venezuelan people.”

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Rodriguez’s statements coincide with those of the Minister for Petroleum, Manuel Quevedo, who denounced the extreme right for participating in acts of sabotage and terrorism of the public services of the Miranda state.

In the case, two prosecutors from the Public Prosecutor’s Office were appointed to initiate investigations of terrorist acts. It is worth mentioning that Russia announced a few days ago the training of paramilitary forces in a UK military base in Guyana to promote terrorist acts in Venezuela.
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Translated by JRE/EF

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