President Maduro: Don’t let Trump make a new Vietnam out of Venezuela

Yesterday night President Nicolas Maduro posted in social media a video asking the people of the US not to allow the Trump’s administration meddling in Venezuelan internal affairs and creating a new a Vietnam in Latin America.

The text of the post in twitter is: “People of the U.S., I ask for your support to reject the interference of Donald Trump’s government in making my Homeland a Vietnam in Latin America. Don’t Allow It!”

In the video message (not yet being translated to english) the President also mentioned his desire to have respectful and close relations with the US. This occurred in the mist of what several analysts consider as an inminent chance of military foreign intervention in the South American country.

Maduro has spent the last several days visiting different military units over the country in what seems to be a campaign to raise spirit among the troops and a preparation for the big military exercises announced for the second week of February.

Meanwhile, disregarding the comments of Colombian officials, yesterday night was seen an important military movilization in the Colombian city of Cucuta, border with Venezuela.


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