President Maduro on the Case of Aryenis Torrealba and Alfredo Chirinos: They Worked in PDVSA and Leaked Strategic Information to the Enemy

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro drew attention to a letter sent by relatives and friends of two detained PDVSA executives who allegedly leaked strategic information about the oil company to US agents. In the complaint, they request the reasons for their incarceration to be clarified.

“Yesterday I received letters from friends and relatives of two people who worked at PDVSA and they were discovered red-handed, handling information and passing strategic information to the enemy, to imperialism,” said the president.

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Venezuelan intelligence agents last February detained two executives from PDVSA’s supply and trading division, just over a week after President Nicolas Maduro appointed a commission to restructure the state-run oil company. The executives detained were Aryenis Torrealba and Alfredo Chirinos from supply and trade operations. Torrealba is also a board member of PDVSA’s refining unit in Europe, Nynas AB.

Petroleo de Venezuela Sociedad Anónima (PDVSA) is criminally attacked by the economic blockade promoted by Donald Trump’s regime, who yesterday threatened to tighten the strangulation measures on the state company.

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“They carry out a judicial process and I received some complaints. I spoke with the Attorney General to process those complaints, and set up a meeting in the next few days with their family and friends who signed that letter to the president and to clarify all doubts” said the President who contacted Attorney General Tareck William Saab.

“I have ordered an investigation into this cause, they tell me that there is strong evidence from the first day on the participation of these people, unfortunately passing information to the enemy,” reiterated Maduro who says that in the next few days he will be privately clarifying the doubts of the relatives and friends of these workers.

Chavista and grassroots organizations in Venezuela have launched a campaign demanding due process and protections in the face of Covid-19 that might threaten the lives of the two PDVSA executives. Their defense alleged that these hardcore Chavistas were working on denouncing corruption inside Venezuela and as a response they were the ones who ended up behind bars.

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