Report: Israel Prepares for a Full-Scale War Against Syria

Israel is preparing for a major war in Syria while the US is preparing for a major war in Syria. They withdrew their forces from the Arab country, reveals a Russian newspaper.

According to a report published on Sunday by Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper, the Israeli regime will be forced to launch a massive operation in Syria to “face the presence of Iran”, after the announcement by the United States (USA) of their departure from the Levantine country.

The newspaper cites former Israeli minister for military affairs Avigdor Lieberman, who has predicted that “the US withdrawal of Syria greatly increases the likelihood of large-scale conflict in the north, either in Lebanon or in Syria. ”

According to the radical Israeli politician, who resigned in November due to disagreements with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the Gaza Strip, “the departure of the Americans will raise the morale of Syrian President Bashar al-Asad and his allies; Iran and Hezbollah (the Islamic Resistance Movement of Lebanon) “.

Since the US president, Donald Trump, announced on December 19 his decision to immediately withdraw the US military from the Arab country, the Israeli prime minister has spoken several times about it.

Netanyahu has repeatedly threatened to redouble the “aggressive acts” in Syria by Israeli troops, who would do everything in their power to prevent the increase of influence and the Iranian “military presence” in the Arab country.

Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict, in 2011, Israel has carried out numerous bombings against Syrian Army targets. The Damascus authorities see in the Israeli aggressions a way of supporting terrorist factions.

However, Israeli freedom of action in Syria has been affected after Russia handed over to the Syrian Army several batteries of S-300 air defense systems, in response to the shooting down in September of a Russian military aircraft with 15 occupants and n Syria air space, of which Moscow accused Israeli aggressor aircraft.

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Translated by JRE / AR