Six Alleged Saboteurs in Venezuela Captured

26/Mar/2019.- The Venezuelan Public Ministry (MP) announced today the arrest of six alleged perpetrators of an incendiary sabotage in the yard of electricity transmission lines of the Guri Hydroelectric Complex, in the southern Bolívar state, which caused a new service interruption the day before.

The authorities initiated a criminal investigation with the appointment of a prosecutor with national competence and two prosecutors from the Bolívar state, to clarify what they described as “criminal attacks” registered on Monday.


The information was offered by the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, on his Twitter account, in which he indicated that the suspects were identified as César Valencillo, Judith Lara, Venetza Leonett, José Herrera, Melvin Romero and Julio Ruiz.

The day before, there were two new acts of sabotage against the National Electric Service (SEN) at the El Guri Hydroelectric Complex in the state of Bolivar, after the event which left most of the country without electricity during a week, he recalled Venezolana de Televisión (VTV).

The first impact of the electric service was recorded on Monday at 13:20 local time, when a large transmission line was damaged and others of varying magnitude ranging from the Center to the West, which was resolved in record time, said Vice President Delcy Rodríguez

During tr blackout came with a direct physical attack to the yard of 765 kilowatts of Guri, according to the Venezuelan authorities.

This fact generated a fire of great proportions that affected two transformers, and caused a subsequent blackout that lasted for more than 15 hours.

The national government decided to extend the suspension of school and work activities for Wednesday 27 as a result of the blackout, said vice-president Rodriguez on social networks, who said they are still working on the restoration of electricity service.

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Translated by JRE/EF

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