South Africa: CP Reiterates Solidarity with the People of Venezuela Amidst Intensified Aggression by the United States

The SACP condemns the latest bout of economic aggression by the United States of America (USA) against the people of Venezuela. These economic attacks are aimed at stripping the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela of its national sovereignty and the imposition of an unelected puppet of the USA.

The USA has been attempting, over the years, to undermine the successive democratically elected governments of Venezuela. President George Bush Jnr attempted a coup against then President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela in 2002, after he was democratically elected by the vast majority of Venezuelans in 1999. People’s popular power prevailed, and the US had no choice but to yield as President Chávez was returned by the people. The target the USA’s aggression is aimed is the dispossession of the people of Venezuela of their resources, particularly oil.

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On Monday, 5 August 2019, USA president, Donald Trump, followed in his predecessors’ footsteps by escalating the economic aggression on Venezuela. He passed an executive order freezing all Venezuela’s assets in USA and vowed to punish countries, institutions and persons who exercise their freedom to trade with Venezuela.

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The result of Trump’s executive order is the formalisation of the ongoing unilateral and criminal economic, financial, and commercial blockade against Venezuela, a serious violation of international law. Ultimately, the United States’ objective is the overthrow of the democratically elected government of President Maduro as well as other progressive governments in Latin America.

The SACP will continue to engage with the democratic forces of Venezuela, for the intensification of international solidarity with the people of Venezuela. The SACP also calls upon all freedom loving people in South Africa and beyond to unite against this imperialist aggression by the United States regime.


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