State of Minnesota Calls for Medical and Scientific Collaboration with Cuba

St. Paul, May 18 (RHC)– A resolution introduced in the legislature of the U.S. state of Minnesota calls for medical and scientific collaboration with Cuba to address the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the world.

The document requests that Minnesota’s governor, Tim Walz, call on the Health Department and other agencies to investigate the potential of collaboration with the island, to obtain crucial assistance and expertise that will benefit the state’s residents in the midst of the health crisis.

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In addition, the legislation directs the Minnesota legislature to call on Congress and the U.S. president to lift restrictions preventing access to Cuban medical expertise, including the import of Recombinant Alpha-2B Interferon to more effectively combat the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 disease.

Resolution SF 4619, sponsored by State Senators Sandra Pappas and Patricia Torres Ray, also includes an understanding that the legislature will urge other U.S. territories to join in this action and approve similar documents.

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