Terrorist Involved in Drone Attack Against Maduro Captured, Fake FAES Vehicles and Hired Assassins for the Coup

Néstor Reverol, Venezuelan interior minister, announced Thursday the capture of Oswaldo García Palomo, one of the main involved in the drone attack against the President Nicolás Maduro last August, as well as several “hired assassins paid by the Venezuelan far right”, who wanted to commit selective killings against political and military leaders, to raise levels of anxiety and terror in the population. An announcement was made about two criminals driving a vehicle with fake FAES badges were shot death in a confrontation with law enforcement officers.

Reverol announced the capture of Miguel Ambrosio Palacios Salcedo, alias Marco, 44, who was a non-commissioned officer of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), deserter since 2006, with a wide police record for homicide, drug trafficking and was a fugitive after escaping from prison 2 years ago.

During the interrogations, Palacio Salcedo said he had been contacted by a group of military deserters and mercenaries “to commit terrorist acts”, supplying the address of one of them, in San Antonio de los Altos, Miranda state.

Thus, on Sunday, the capture and identification of the first retired lieutenant Alberto Salazar Cabañas, alias Pancho (43 years old), a deserter officer of the Bolivarian Army, who got his leave in 2013 and “worked as a mercenary for the Colombian oligarchy”, as explained the minister of internal relations.

Cabañas had entered the country the previous night from Colombia “by the green roads”, that is, without registering at the border crossings, together with two other deserting officers of the Bolivarian Navy, already identified and being wanted.

Captured Garcia Palomo

Reverol notes that this morning was also captured retired Colonel Oswaldo Garcia Palomo, alias Aquiles, 53, requested by magnicide in degree of frustration, betrayal of the Fatherland, instigate rebellion and attack to a sentinel. He was captured in a vehicle, arriving in Cojedes state.

García Palomo is one of the people requested to be involved in the attack against President Nicolás Maduro that occurred in August, using drones with explosives.

He was in the company of retired Colonel José Acevedo Montañez, 57 years old, aka El Gocho, and another citizen, Antonio José Iabichela Barrios, 47, aka Moises. All of them had taken refuge in a hotel in Barinas after having been exposed by General Antonio Rivero and the El Nuevo Herald media, when they denounced his supposed kidnapping and revealed information about his movements, which activated the intelligence agencies , noted Reverol.

In the vehicle they found two AK-103 rifles, two satellite phones that General Antonio Rivero had supplied and sent to Colombia, and 500 bracelets with the “O.C.” form, which means “Operation Constitution,” explained

Minister Reverol said that there is no doubt about the direct participation of Colombian intelligence, the CIA and the fugitive Julio Borges in the frustrated assassination against President Nicolás Maduro on August 5. “No more arrests are ruled out,” he said.

Vehicles with fake FAES badges

The Venezuelan minister also denounced the existence of fake vehicles with the insignia of FAES (Force of Special Actions of the PNB), in the hands of criminal groups hired by the Venezuelan right to commit false positives and create confusion and terror.

He indicated that VEN-911 officials observed one of these vehicles through the camera system; it was a black Land Cruiser vehicle with FAES acronyms on the doors. A chase was initiated for its capture, generating an exchange of shots; the occupants of the vehicle also threw a grenade against the law enforcement officers.

The shouting, which occurred near El Paraíso tunnel, left two people dead. In addition, 4 other people escaped.

In the vehicle they carried a FAL rifle and a 9mm pistol. “The investigations are being carried out to dismantle this criminal group,” said Reverol.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/AR

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