The Fate of Parallel Governments or the Exile they are Taking Guaido to

It has cost the US and the European governments, automatically, fold to the strategy of parallel government in Venezuela.

By Reinaldo Bolivar

It will be Trump’s turn to remind Western Europe of its role on the geopolitical board designed by the US: industry and trade, because politics is decided by Washington, which owns the weapons. The US has had to directly assume the multilateral escalation against Venezuela – it did not achieve it with the OAS and those of Lima are mired in its incalculable internal crises – and the US sent its Secretary of State to the Security Council to place the country of Bolívar and Chávez in the agenda of the conflict, trying to follow previous models such as those of Afghanistan or Libya, to legalize the violations of international law that has already been done in Venezuela with the economic blockade. They have already violated it militarily before with the invasion of Iraq and bombings in Syria. It is the conviction of the American governments to believe themselves above the international legal order.


The strategy now is that of parallel government. That type of government, whether installed in redoubts of a national territory or in exile, has a long-standing history and usually wears out because its financiers expect the population of the affected country to give the self-proclaimed government unconditional support. However, very few, because of their coup and capricious camouflage, take power. Special mention deserve those governments that were forced by the Nazis to leave their territories during the great European wars, called “global”.


The effective exercise of power means control of the territory, collaboration between the legal public authorities, command over the substantive organizations and operations of the executive (including the military) and popular legitimacy, all in accordance with the provisions of the Magna Carta. When there are facts contrary to this, there is a coup d’état.


In the case of many coups d’état that have taken place in the South, the gringo administrations do not openly pronounce themselves until the coup plotters show their intentions. If they are neo-liberal, the immediate tactic is to “worry”, ask the parties to respect human rights, and ask the coup leaders to call elections while they are in transition. If the golpista is a “good boy” he can go to compete in “free elections” that are prepared for the “mentee” to win.


Now, if the peoples and institutions, especially the military, go together in support of the constitution, they make fail any kind of coup. When the attempt to impose a fictitious or parallel president fails, its international sponsors (captained by the US) mount its parallel government and, before the civic military rejection, they make it “operate” outside the national territory, in some country disrespectful of the self-determination of the peoples. This happened on repeated occasions in the 20th century. They are little divulged facts motivated to their failure.


In Venezuela since 2017, there are indications that it is intended to arm this type of fictitious government. With the illegal appointment (by the National Assembly in contempt) of magistrates who operate from Colombia or Panama and now with a buffa move, remotely controlled by the US, with a soft coup with a government in the shade.


In the strategy of parallel government, a group of complicit governments joins the conspiracy, finances it and seeks a way to seize the assets of the attacked country. For example, in the Venezuelan case, London blatantly announces the theft of Venezuelan gold worth 1,200 million dollars and Washington reveals its intention to assault the Venezuelan oil company CITGO. They want to overthrow a legitimate government and steal the resources of a nation.


Governments in exile are for all tastes, For example, since 1920 two Iranian dynasties dispatched from the US as “legitimate” governments of Iran Coincidentally several of these governments “operate” in the US.


The Spain of Sanchez and Rajoy had to mount hunting to the independentistas of Catalonia that had taken refuge in Brussels like Catalan government. Before Rajoy got tired of punching the Catalans. Most are in prison.


In Cuba, in 1961, a traitor to the Homeland wanted to take advantage of the gringo invasion of the Bay of Pigs and proclaimed himself president guarded by the CIA. He would die of waning, hoping to exercise his fictitious power, while the Cuban Revolution strengthened. Even the Chinese have a government in exile since 1949.


The closest references are the Libya of Gaddafi where the betrayal and the power of NATO overthrew the leader and liquidated the country. Libya was robbed of incalculable gold reserves from the vaults of the Central Bank and more than 200 billion euros and dollars placed in an international bank.


In Syria, they were against the popular wall and with powerful Russia. They are getting defeated by the force and patriotism of an irreducible people.


In Venezuela, they are still in their strategy. They give a breath of oxygen to the Venezuelan opponents and impose on Guaidó, a spokesman different from those already discarded. The Trump government, faced with the inefficiency of the OAS and “those of Lima” to intimidate and bring Venezuela to the Security Council, to continue its staging, exposes itself and measures forces in that scenario, to which little respect, except when countries that do not fear him remind him that we are no longer in the last decade of the twentieth century or the first of the twenty-first century.

Faced with this setback at the UN, it is likely that hey will be lucky, through his subordinates in the Human Rights Council and the International Criminal Court. With Venezuela, all recommendations of the Coup d’etat script are tested and others are invented.

With this fictitious government, they will experience internal violence and increase the commercial blockade until it is embargoed. Helms-Bulton style interventionist gringo laws are to be expected.

Even so, the only legal and legitimized governments are those that enjoy the spontaneous support of the popular base, the nationalist one, which is even in the opposition sectors. And that nationalism that represents the feelings of many peoples of the world who fight against the imperial adventures, will find echo and global solidarity. And that already happens, even in the American, European, South American people, to name those who are still governed by a disrespectful and voracious international right.

Aggressive attacks will be rejected by the national and international conscience.

Above the conflict of opinions will be the Patriots, sons or daughters of Venezuela.

“The Homeland can not be sold, the Homeland defends itself”. It is not sold, and more the less its independence, which, as Simon Bolivar said, is the most precious asset that we have conquered even at the expense of other goods.

The defense of Venezuela against the Euro-US empire is the great battle of the South and the worthy nations against the last throes of a monster resisting to let humanity live in peace.


Source URL: Centro de Saberes Africanos

Translated by JRE/AR


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