The Right Wing Trying (But Failing) to Heat-up Caracas

Venezuelan rightwingers inspired by the new dictatorship in Bolivia, as Chavez said: “por ahora”, have been trying for weeks to heat up the streets in preparation for their attempt number 9 or 10 to organize the mother of all marches they dream will be able to march toward Miraflores presidential palace and finally get rid of Chavismo.

Today, Thursday the 14th, Juan Guaido organized an student gathering that -then- he pushed to a confrontation with Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) who forbid them to create a disruption in Caracas a couple of days before the new D-day set this time for Saturday the 16th.


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An anti-chavista activist got upset by Guaido vanishing a few steps before reaching the GNB contingent, as he usually does in street protests, and the reason is too many in the anti-Chavista base hate him.


The narrative for the media was that they wanted to “give” a white rose to GNB agents but as seen in the images they also gave them stones and assaulted them. They also said to the media that they wanted to distribute leaflets for Saturday 16th new D-day anti-chavista demonstration but in reality experience says they actually wanted to create a disruption blocking traffic in the main Caracas highway less that 100 meters behind the GNB picket.

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GNB. as expected and in an exercise of restraint, dispersed the mob while trying to overtake them. In social media -again- rightwing activists complaint to Guaido for leaving them alone to deal with the situation and for the lack of support from other rightwing factors.


The journalist Erika Ortega Sanoja, a few minutes after the incident, presented on her twitter account a video showing the buses used to bring the protesters to the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) where the gathering with students happened.

Local media have been trying to heat-up the streets of Caracas for several weeks without success; today’s skirmish demonstrates they do not have base support to initiate new street violence but Chavismo in Venezuela is alert to confront any attempt of the replication of strategies that have proven to be unsuccessful in Venezuela,” a political analyst said to OT.


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