Chavista Chronicles from Caracas with Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza (Episode 07)

In this episode of Chavista Chronicles from Caracas, we highlight the more relevant events happening in Venezuela this week – the Venezuelan economic crisis, analysis on the new Dialogue Table, Guaido Gate (Rastrojos Edition) and a brief international analysis on the UN General assembly, Trump’s meeting on Venezuela in New York city.

  • Economy
    • Inflation
    • Dollar up and down but prices only go up.
    • More sanctions against CLAP
  • Dialogue Table
    • Everyone surprised
    • Strategic move
  • Guaido Gate (Rastrojos Edition)
    • More Photos
    • Increasing scandal in Colombia
    • There is a war within the Rastrojos criminal organization

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  • International
    • UN General Assembly
    • 1st International Congress of Women for Peace
    • US meeting on Venezuela in New York called by Trump (Call for Solidarity)

We hope to see you next week.


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