Tropical Storm Karen Affecting Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago

The heavy rains and lightning this Saturday, September 21, in the state of La Guaira affected normal life at various points in that area, as evidenced in a series of videos that came in to the Orinoco Tribune newsroom.

In them you can see how some streets of the region were completely flooded, to the point that it made pedestrian and vehicular crossing difficult.

In 1999, La Guaira State (formerly Vargas State) suffered the worst natural disaster in Venezuelan history, known as “La Tragedia de Vargas” (the Vargas Tragedy) when after four days of torrential rain, parts of the mountains began to collapse, provoking a massive landslide where an estimate of 15,000 – 20,000 Venezuelans died.

According to his Twitter account, the meteorologist Luis Vargas, “the weather station of the Maiquetia airport, recorded the fall of 165 liters of water per square meter, when the monthly average of the station, for the month of September is 54 liters / m², that is, it rained three times as much as normal rainfall for a whole month.”

The storm was severe enough to down several trees in the areas of Naiguatá and Catia La Mar.

The Governor of La Guaira State announced on social media and on local media that the situation was under control besides some areas where mudslides were unusually large, creating problems in the drainage system. No loss of life has been reported. The states Sucre, Delta Amacuro and Nueva Esparta (Margarita Island) are among the most affected by the storm as can be seen in the tweets below as well as the work already initiated for repairs in the affected areas.

Crews from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure were seen in different areas of Sucre state cleaning the areas most affected by the storm.

But the storm also heavily affected Trinidad and Tobago and is also expected to hit Puerto Rico hard in the coming days, according to computerized models, indicating that after Puerto Rico the -now- storm will disappear in the north Atlantic ocean.

Anti-Chavismo in Venezuela stormed twitter since Saturday night blaming President Maduro for what might happen because of Tropical Storm Karen and criticizing Governor Garcia Carneiro from La Guaira and even criticizing the recent change of name from Vargas State to La Guaira State, but reality did not provide them with a good excuse to keep up the attacks. Some Chavistas even compared what happened in Venezuela with the recent storm Imelda that blasted Houston as seen in the tweet below:




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