Trump: “We Have Total Control Over the Oil that Islamic State Wanted in Syria and We Can do Whatever We Want With it”

The president of the USA has confirmed that “the only soldiers” in that area are those from his country who perform this function.

US President Donald Trump has said that US forces in northern Syria control oil fields and Washington can do whatever they want with its reservations because those military prevented Islamic State terrorists from taking over deposits.

“The Islamic State, as you know, tried to regain control of the oil,” said the US president during a press conference he offered in London on December 3.

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Trump has confirmed that “at this time, the only soldiers” that the US has in the area those who “control” the oil, so “we have the oil and we can do with it what we want.”

Last week, the Syrian state agency SANA reported that the US Army has deployed “dozens” of military equipment units near the oil fields of Rumeilan (Hasaka), one of Syria’s main crude oil production centers.

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“More than 30 million dollars a month in Syrian oil smuggling
The Russian Ministry of Defense said in October that the Pentagon does not have US troops in northeastern Syria with the alleged motive of “denying access to these oil fields to the IS”, but its true objective is to control the illegal extraction of crude oil and smuggle that black gold for its own benefit.

“A barrel of Syrian smuggling oil costs $ 38,” which means “the monthly income of this ‘private business’ of US public services exceeds $30 million,” Moscow said.

Featured image: Oil fields in Syria / Illustrative image. Reuters

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