Unwavering Solidarity, Support and Unity for and with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Its Bolivarian Revolution (AAPRP-GC Statement)

By The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)  –  March 31, 2020

The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) and its All-African Women’s Revolutionary Union (GC) reaffirm our unwavering Solidarity, Support and Unity for and with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its Bolivarian Revolution. Venezuela is a victim of ongoing regime change programs and attempts at coup d’état by U.S. imperialism and its neo-colonial allies including Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and now Bolivia. Even with the United States of America’s consistent attempts to sabotage and steal Venezuelan elections, Venezuela has remained true to its Bolivarian Revolution and to scientific socialism.

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The All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) emphatically condemns the Trump administration’s “Justice” Department’s hypocritical indictment of drug charges leveled at President Nicolas Maduro and other members of the Venezuelan Government. The $15 million bounty placed on President Maduro is nothing more than U.S. imperialist blood-money. We condemn the illegal and immoral denial and sanction of medicine, food and other life-saving resources necessary for the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life of the Venezuelan people, but also what is needed in these critical times to protect them from the burgeoning international Coronavirus pandemic.

We salute the Venezuelan people who, even under inhumane imperialist imposed adversity, remain cemented in their dedication and commitment to the development of a socialist society that meets their economic, political, social and spiritual needs. We know of the forced hardships Venezuela faces and you can rest assured that there are those of us who choose not to cower in the face of might, adversity or confrontation.

Puebla Group on the Deployment of US Military Forces on Venezuelan Maritime Borders (Statement)

We are assured that the Sovereignty and Dignity of the Venezuelan people, represented by their party, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the Government of Venezuela and their legally elected President Nicolas Maduro will be defended at all costs. In this righteous, noble and just struggle to build and defend scientific socialism we are with you.

As Pan-Africanists we know that a victory of the Bolivarian Revolution is part and parcel of a victory of the African Revolution against international imperialism and for scientific socialism. A victory of the Bolivarian Revolution is therefore a victory towards the realization of Pan-Africanism—One Unified Socialist Africa.

For this sterling example and other illustrations of your revolutionary concern for and defense of World Humanity expressed in your revolutionary spirit; under untold and unwarranted suffering and sacrifices, we express our gratitude!


Long Live a Socialist Venezuela!

Long Live the United Socialist Party of Venezuela!

Long Live the Bolivarian Revolution!


Ready For Revolution

There Is Victory For Us,


All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC)

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