UPDATED: Uruguay and Mexico Call for an International Summit on Venezuela, Bolivia Joins


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay published on Wednesday a communique to convene a summit with countries and international organizations that support a dialogue in Venezuela. “The purpose of the conference is to lay the foundations to establish a new mechanism of dialogue that, with the inclusion of all Venezuelan forces, helps to restore stability and peace in that country,” says the text.

The conference is scheduled for February 7, in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, and they estimate that delegations from more than ten countries and international organizations will attend.

Both governments have indicated that the decision responds to the call for dialogue made by the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), António Guterres. In addition, the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has also repeatedly reiterated his willingness to dialogue with sectors of the opposition and thus ensure peace in the South American nation.

This call aims to be “an inclusive and credible dialogue that will solve once and for all the delicate situation that our Venezuelan brothers are going through,” he continues. Also, they highlighted that Uruguay, Mexico and the UN are ready to work with the members of the international community that “wish to bet on diplomacy.”

Around 11pm Caracas time President Maduro announced on his twitter accoint that Evo Morales from Bolivia was joining the initiative.

Source URL: Alba Ciudad

Translated by JRE/AR


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