US Congressman to Guaidó: “You can not authorize US military interventions”

This week after the deputy of the National Assembly in contempt and legal nullity, Juan Guaidó, did not rule out authorizing an intervention by the United States (US) in Venezuela, the US Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna reminded the self-proclaimed “president in charge” that is not up to him to make these kinds of decisions.

“Mr. Guaidó, you can not authorize US military interventions. Only the US Congress can do it, ” Khanna tweeted on Saturday. He added: ” We will not do it .”


In another tweet he reiterated that neither the president, nor the “neoconservative officials of the Department of Defense”, nor the defense contractor lobbyists “have the power to decide if the US must participate in military conflicts. ” “Only Congress,” he emphasized.

The United States has intensified its tutelage since last January over international siege actions against Venezuela and US President Donald Trump, and spokespeople insist on reiterating their pretensions to opt for military intervention against the Venezuelan nation, where they also promote a coup d’état with the participation of national opposition factors.

The offer of a supposed “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela, protected by the United States government and sectors of the national and international right has been denounced by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, as a maneuver to justify an intervention in the Caribbean nation.


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Translated by JRE/EF

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