US General John M. Keane: “Maduro will leave like Noriega or Marcos”

John M. Keane, retired four-star American general and former Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Army, told FOX Radio on January 24, the possible options that the United States handles should it decide to depose the usurper president Nicolas Maduro. “We did it in Panama with Noriega, in Haiti when we replaced the dictator Aristide, and peacefully we did it in the Philippines.”


The North American military assured that a good strategy is fundamental to reach the success in spite of the few guarantees that from the side of the despised governor things have been developing in the last years. “Peace, as other nations have indicated, is a priority in the process of change within a country cracked and stained with blood,” the officer said.


With a strong plan, he explained, “there would be no violence,” adding that the “potential use of war forces” would not be necessary either.


Keane played down the support that Russia has placed on Maduro, rather than someone who sees the possibility of taking advantage of resources, but for whom they spoke after Juan Guaidó was sworn in as president in charge of Venezuela.


“I would not pay attention to what they say,” he admitted, stepping aside on a nation with pros and cons in its relationship with the United States and that with the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency have seen rapprochement and criticism constantly.


He appreciated the work done by the Lima Group, an alliance of 14 countries that involved the United States in its meeting on January 5, when it announced the lack of knowledge of Maduro from day 10, when it was sworn in before the Supreme Court of Justice for the Presidential period 2019-2015.


He also said that his country has the talent to do something without losing a lot of lives.


Previously it was published that the head of the Southern Command, Admiral Craig Faller, would have made the statements against Maduro, according to the first version of the portal Tiempo Latino. However, the media rectified and stressed that such comments are from the retired general Jack Keane, military commentator for Fox News, as stated in the note.

Source URL: La IguanaTV

Translated by JRE/AR